Technology Advancement

Simplify the solution with expertise

Talent Acquisition

Staff augmentation- Consistent service offers to Business.

VisvasTech has a proven end-to-end HR solutions delivery model validated by consistently high retention and low turnover of skilled technology resources.



Outsourced Services

We maintain multiple delivery centres in India with three shift teams to provide consistent, no gap service 24/7/365 with a seamless hand off between teams. We have the capability to scale resources up or down as demand changes and work according to client’s preferred time zone.

Enterprise Application Development

Improve your business agility with innovative applications.

VisvasTech delivers a full range of services from strategy and resources to developing custom applications that meet your unique business requirements. Our team has extensive IT project experience and vertical expertise. They apply proven, best practice processes to develop custom applications and enhancements for existing applications across multiple platforms.


Delivery Capabilities

Proven global delivery model

Our onsite and offshore resources provide tremendous business value through resource flexibility and cost advantages.

Continuous Delivery and Integration

Automating pipeline deployment to reduces cycle times, provides more rapid feedback, makes the release process more reliable, and reduces risk and stress. We embrace Agile methodology for managing development projects.

Advanced application design, development, and customization

We plan, design, build, test, implement, and seamlessly integrate applications across the enterprise with a focus on quality, timelines, and budgets.

Data migration

Our team is experienced in leading industry technologies and architectures. Applications are migrated seamlessly with minimal downtime. Security and disaster recovery systems are built into every environment.

QA testing, maintenance,
and automation services

VisvasTech supports its clients through the entire life cycle. We offer 24/7 support for applications, systems, and databases, including app stabilization, bug fixes, upgrades, patches, tune-ups, and enhancements.

Mobile apps development

Mobile apps development across multiple platforms, operating systems, and industries.